Oral Presentations

Monday November 1st

Fusion Energy Powering the XXI century Ferreira, C.M.

The FAST TRACK to Fusion Power Llewellyn, Smith C.

ITER Towards the construction Shimomura, Y.

Overview of JT-60U Progress towards Steady-state Advanced Tokamak Ide S

Overview of JET results Pamela J

Development of Burning Plasma and Advanced Scenarios in the DIII-D Tokamak Luce T.C.

Confinement and MHD stability in the Large Helical Device Motojima O

Overview of ASDEX Upgrade Results Guenter S.

Overview of Zonal Flow Physics Diamond P.H.

Steady-state operation of Tokamaks: key physics and technology developments on Tore Supra (Movie 1 Movie 2) Jacquinot J.

Progress Towards High Performance Plasmas in the National Spherical Torus Experiment (NSTX) Kaye S. M.

Overview of MAST results Counsell GF

Overview of Alcator C-Mod Research Program Greenwald M. J.

Recent Advances in Indirect Drive ICF Target Physics Lindl J. D.

Laser Fusion research with GEKKO XII and PW laser system at Osaka Izawa Y

Direct-Drive Inertial Confinement Fusion Research at the Laboratory for Laser Energetics: Charting the Path to Thermonuclear Ignition McCrory R. L.

Acceleration Technology and Power Plant Design for Fast Ignition Heavy Ion Inertial Fusion Energy Sharkov B.

Progress on Z-Pinch Inertial Fusion Energy Olson C. L.

Tuesday November 2sd

Overview of Transport, Fast Particle and Heating and Current Drive Physics using Tritium in JET plasmas Stork D

Overview of Results in the MST Reversed Field Pinch Experiment Prager S.C.

Overview of TJ-II experiments Hidalgo C.

Summary of Experimental Core Turbulence Characteristics in OH and ECRH T-10 Tokamak Plasmas Vershkov V. A.

Progress in the understanding and the performance of ECH and plasma shaping on TCV Moret J.-M.

Overview of the FTU Results Gormezano C

Recent Advances in the HL-2A Tokamak Experiments (Movie) Liu Y.

Overview of steady-state tokamak operation in TRIAM-1M Zushi H

Development on JET of Advanced Tokamak operations for ITER Tuccillo A. A.

100 Percent Noninductive Operation at High Beta Using Off-axis ECCD Murakami M.

Steady State High betaN Discharges and Real-Time Control of Current Profile in JT-60U Suzuki T.

Studies of the "Quiescent H-mode" regime in ASDEX Upgrade and JET Suttrop W.A.

Confinement Study of Net-Current Free Toroidal Plasmas Based on the Extended International Stellarator Database Harris J. H.

Energy loss for grassy ELMs and effect of plasma rotation on the ELM characteristics in JT-60U Oyama N

H-mode pedestal, ELM, and power threshold studies in NSTX (Movie 1 Movie 2 Movie 3) Maingi R

The structure of ELMs and the distribution of transient power loads in MAST (Movie) Kirk A

Power Exhaust on JET: an Overview of Dedicated Experiments Fundamenski W

Suppression of Large Edge Localized Modes With a Resonant Magnetic Perturbation in High Confinement DIII-D Plasmas Evans T.E.

Integrated exhaust scenarios with actively controlled ELMs Lang P.T.

New Results in Development of MW Output Power Gyrotrons for Fusion Systems Litvak A.G. 

R&D on a High Energy Accelerator and a Large Negative Ion Source for ITER Inoue T. 

Results and Implications of the JET ITER-Like ICRF Antenna High Power Prototype Tests (Movie 1 Movie 2) Goulding R. H

Progress of Reduced Activation Ferritic/Martensitic Steel Development in Japan Jitsukawa SJ

Assessment of plastic flow and fracture properties with small specimen test techniques for IFMIF-designed specimens Spatig P

Wednesday November 3rd

Non-diffusive transport in 3-D pressure driven plasma turbulence Del-Castillo-Negrete D.

Scaling Intermittent Cross-Field Particle Flux to ITER Ghendrih Ph

Gyrokinetic Studies of Turbulence in Steep Gradient Region:Role of Turbulence Spreading and ExB Shear Hahm T.S.

Density effects on tokamak edge turbulence and transport with magnetic X-points (Movie) Xu X.Q./T. Rognlien

Profile Formation and Sustainment of Autonomous Tokamak Plasma with Current Hole Configuration Hayashi N.

Control of the Resistive Wall Mode With Internal Coils in the DIII-D Tokamak Okabayashi M.

Wall Stabilized Operation in High Beta NSTX Plasmas Sabbagh S.A.

Feedback and Rotational Stabilization of Resistive Wall Modes in ITER Liu Y.Q.

Halo Current and Resistive Wall Simulations of ITER Strauss H. R.

Effects of global MHD instability on operational high-beta regime in LHD Watanabe K.Y.

Equilibrium and Stability of High-Beta Plasmas in Wendelstein 7-AS Zarnstorff M.C.

Non-disruptive MHD Dynamics in Inward-shifted LHD Configurations (Movie) Miura H.

Development, Physics Basis, and Performance Projections for Hybrid Scenario Operation in ITER on DIII-D Wade M.R.

The "hybrid" scenario in JET: towards its validation for ITER Joffrin E. H.

Stationary high confinement plasmas with large bootstrap current fraction in JT-60U Sakamoto Y

Comparison of plasma performance and transport between tangential co- and counter-NBI heated MAST discharges (Movie) Akers R.J

The Improved H-Mode at ASDEX Upgrade: a Candidate for an ITER Hybrid Scenario Staebler A.

Studies of HRS H-mode plasma in the JFT-2M tokamak Kamiya k 

Progress in physics basis and its impact on ITER Shimada M.

Dimensionless identity experiments in JT-60U and JET Saibene G.

ITER Licensing Gordon C.

Design of the ITER Magnets to Provide Plasma Operational Flexibility Mitchell N.

Convergence of Design and Fabrication Methods for ITER Vacuum Vessel and In-vessel Components Ioki K.

Thursday November 4th

Energetic Particle Driven Modes in Advanced Tokamak Regimes on JET, DIII-D, Alcator C-MOD and TFTR Nazikian R.

Experimental studies of instabilities and confinement of energetic particles on JET and on MAST Sharapov S. E.

Study of aspect ratio effects on MHD instabilities Fredrickson E.D

Nonperturbative effects of energetic ions on Alfvén eigenmodes Todo Y.

LHCD and Coupling Experiments with an ITER-like PAM launcher on the FTU tokamak Pericoli Ridolfini V

ICRH experiments on the spherical tokamak Globus-M Gusev V.K.

Compatibility of advanced tokamak plasma with high density and high radiation loss operation in JT-60U Takenaga H

Density Limit Studies in the Large Helical Device Peterson B. J.

Scaling Study of ELMy H-Mode Global and Pedestal Confinement at high triangularity in JET Sartori R

The Role of Rotation in the H-mode Transition in Different Magnetic Configurations and Anomalous Momentum Transport in Alcator C-Mod Plasmas with No Momentum In Rice J.E

Effect of the Dynamic Ergodic Divertor in the TEXTOR Tokamak on MHD Stability, Plasma Rotation and Transport Wolf R. C.

Particle and Energy Transport in Dedicated rho*, beta and nu* Scans in JET ELMy H-modes Mcdonald D. C

Mechanisms for ITB Formation and Control in Alcator C-Mod Identified through Gyrokinetic Simulations of TEM Turbulence Ernst D. R.

Transition from weak to strong energetic ion transport in burning plasmas Zonca F.

Theoretical Studies of Alfven Wave - Energetic Paticle Interactions Berk H. L

Internal kink mode stability in the presence of ICRH driven fast ions populations Nabais F. J. R.

Theory and Theory-based Models for the Pedestal, Edge Stability and ELMs in Tokamaks Guzdar P. N.

The stability of internal transport barriers to MHD ballooning modes and drift waves: a formalism for low magnetic shear and for velocity shear Connor J.W

Boundary modulation effects on MHD instabilities in Heliotrons Nakajima N

Cross-machine NTM physics studies and implications for ITER Buttery R. J.

Effect of sheared flows on neoclassical tearing modes Sen A

Kinetic Calculations of the NTM Polarisation Current: Reduction for Small Island Widths and Sign Reversal Near the Diamagnetic Frequency Poli E.

A Possible Mechanism for the Seed Island Formation Pustovitov V.D.

Active Control of MHD Instabilities by ECCD in ASDEX Upgrade Maraschek M

Onset and Suppression of 2/1 NTM in DIII-D Petty C.C.

Stabilization of Neoclassical Tearing Mode by Electron Cyclotron Current Drive and Its Evolution Simulation on JT-60U Tokamak Nagasaki Kazunobu

Friday November 5ft

On the influence of the magnetic topology on transport and radial electric fields in the TJ-II stellarator Castejón F.

Turbulent Particle Transport in Tore Supra Hoang G.T.

Measurement and Modeling of Electrode Biased Discharges in the HSX Stellarator Gerhardt S.P.

Turbulent transport and plasma flow in the Reversed Field Pinch (Movie) Antoni V.

Edge and Internal Transport Barrier Formations in CHS Okamura S.

The Confluence of Edge and Core Turbulence and Zonal Flows in Tokamaks Scott B.D

Global Gyrokinetic Simulations of Toroidal Electron Temperature Gradient Driven Mode in Reversed Shear Tokamaks Idomura Y

Advances in Comprehensive Gyrokinetic Simulations of Transport in Tokamaks (Movie) Waltz R.E.

Intermittent Transport and Relaxation Oscillations of Nonlinear Reduced Models for Fusion Plasmas Hamaguchi S

Electron Thermal Transport in Tokamak: ETG or TEM Turbulences? Lin Z

Dynamics of large-scale structure and electron transport in tokamak microturbulence simulations  Li J.Q

Fundamental X-mode Electron Cyclotron Current Drive using Remote-Steering Symmetric Direction Antenna at Larger Steering Angles H. Idei

New Mitigation Schemes of the Ablative Rayleigh-Taylor Instability Zechi H

Overview of U.S. Heavy-Ion Fusion Progress Logan B. G.

Upadte on LMJ Target Physics Holstein P.A.

Direct Heating and Basic Experiments for Fast Ignition Tanaka K

From One-of-a-kind to 500,000 High Quality Ignition Targets Per Day Kilkenny J.D.

The Spherical Tokamak as a Components Test Facility Wilson H.R

Result of the KSTAR Superconducting Coil Tests Oh Y.K.

Progress of the EAST project in China Wan Y.X.

First experiments with SST-1 Tokamak Saxena Y. C.

Physics, technologies and status of the Wendelstein 7-X device Wagner F.

Improved Structure and Long-life Blanket Concepts for Heliotron Reactors Sagara A

Saturday November 6sx

Effect of Plasma Shape on Electron Heat Transport in the Presence of extreme Temperature Gradients in TCV Pochelon A.

Confinement Studies of Helical-axis Heliotron Plasmas Sano Fumimichi

LH Transition by a Biased Hot Cathode in the Tohoku University Heliac Kitajima S.

Limiter and Emissive Electrode Biasing Experiments on the Tokamak ISTTOK Silva C. G.

Improved Operation and Modeling of the SSPX Spheromak Wood R.D.

Progress in the Study of Plasma Heating, Stability, and Confinement on HANBIT Mirror Device Kwon Myeon

Overview of recent work on material erosion, migration and long-term fuel retention in the EU-fusion programme and conclusions for ITER Philipps, V.

Deuterium retention in Tore Supra long discharges Tsitrone, E.

Impact of nearly-saturated divertor plates on particle control in long and high-power heated discharges in JT-60U Nakano, T.

Plasma Control by Local Island Divertor in LHD Komori, A.

Tungsten: An option for divertor and main chamber plasma facing components in future fusion devices Neu, R.L.

Disruption Thermal Quench Mitigation by Noble Gas Jet Injection in DIII-D Hollman, E.M.

EX-C, EX-D, IC (EX/1, EX/4, EX/6, EX/8, EX/9, EX/10) Ninomiya, H.

EX-S, EX-W (EX/2, EX/3, EX/5, EX/7) Stambaugh, R.D.

TH Connor, J.

IF Basko, M.M.

It,FT,SE Wan, Yuanxi



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