Centro de Fusão Nuclear

17thIAEA Technical Meeting on
Research Using Small Fusion Devices

22nd to 24th October 2007 Lisbon, Portugal

International Atomic Energy Agency

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A         Toroidal Systems

  Title Presenting Author
IT 1 Overview of recent ISTTOK results C. Silva
IT 2 Recent results from the STOR-M tokamak C. Xiao
IT 3 Joint Experiments on the tokamaks CASTOR and     T-10 G. Van Oost
OT1 Negative Ion based Heating and Diagnostic Neutral Beams for ITER B.Schunke
OT3 Recent experiment results during electron cyclotron heating on HL-2A Y.B. Dong

C         Dense Magnetised Plasma Systems

  Title Presenting Author
IT 6 Current and Perspective Applications of Dense Plasma Focus Devices V. Gribkov
OT5 Radiation characteristics of the FN-II plasma focus device J. Herrera-Velazquez
OT6 Repetitive Nanofocus: Evidence of neutron and x-ray emission from an ultra miniature pinch plasma focus discharge operating at tens of Hz L. Soto
OT7 Dense plasma focus as collimated source of D-D fusion neutron beams for irradiation experiences and study of emitted radiations J. Supan
OT9 Study of D-D reaction at the plasma focus device P. Kubes
OT10 Fast scintillation probes for investigation of neutron radiation from pulsed, small fusion devices-design, test and experimental application K. Tomazevsky
P 3 Preliminary results of a 10 kJ Z-Pinch O.D. Cortazar
P 4 Comparative characteristics of four small dense plasma focus devices A. Dubrovsky
P 5 Filtration of the signals from plasma focus discharge via wavelet transformation E. Litseva
P 6 Progress in pinches research driven by the mega-ampere device SPEED2 L. Soto

D        Theory and Numerical Modelling

  Title Presenting Author
OT4 Fluid model of electron cyclotron current drive G.O. Ludwig
P 7 Reconstruction of magnetic field surfaces of the NOVILLO tokamak by means of the 3D-MAPTOR code J. Herrera-Velazquez
P 8 Study on electron collisions with Zn-Like W ion A. Mihailescu
P 9 Modeling of particle transport on channels and gaps exposed to plasma fluxes M. Nieto-Pérez

G        Materials Research

  Title Presenting Author
OT2 Interaction of a liquid Gallium jet with ISTTOK edge plasmas R.B. Gomes
OT8 Installation of plasmatron at the Belgian Nuclear Research Centre and its use for Plasma-Wall Interaction studies I.Uytdenhouwen
OT20 Novel approach to plasma facing materials in nuclear fusion reactors V. Livramento
P11 Study of plasma interaction with Titanium coated ferretic steel in IR-T1 tokamak M. Ghoranneviss

Positron Lifetime Calculations of defects in α-iron containing hydrogen

L. Petrov

I        Diagnostic Systems and Components

  Title Presenting Author
OT13 Development of a multichannel time-of-flight technique for plasma potential profile measurements by heavy ion beam diagnostic on the tokamak ISTTOK I.S. Nedzelskiy
OT16 Multipoint Thomson scattering diagnostic for the TCABR tokamak with centimeter spatial resolution M.P. Alonso
P13 Fast tomographic methods on the tokamak ISTTOK P.J. Carvalho
P14 Time scale analysis of ISTTOK probe data R. Coelho
P15 Plasma spectroscopy in ISTTOK J. Figueiredo
P17 The Cherenkov detectors for measurements of fast electrons in CASTOR tokamak I. Jakubowski
P18 Designing a new teta-function coil for measurement of plasma displacements in the IR-T1 tokamak P. Khorshid
P19 Impurity line emissions in VUV region on TCABR tokamak M. Machida
P20 Spectral line profile analysis using higher diffraction order in vacuum ultraviolet region M. Machida

J        Innovative Technologies and Applications

  Title Presenting Author
P21 Joint experiments on X-ray/particle emission from plasmas produced by laser irradiating nano structured targets H. Hegazy
P22 Improved characteristics of laser source of ions using frequency mode lasers R.T. Khaydarov

K        Control and Data Acquisition Systems and Remote Participation Tools

  Title Presenting Author
IT 4 Configuration Control Studies in Heliotron J T. Mizuuchi
OT19 New System for tokamak T-10 experimental data acquisition, data handling and remote access  D. Nurov
P23 Performance issues related to web service usage for remote data access  V.F.Păiş
P24 FusionTalk: a remote participation tool F. Reis
P25 Design and Fabrication a new Feedback System for Control of Plasma A.Talebi Taher
P26 Validation of ISTTOK Plasma Position Controller D.F.Valcárcel
P-D Control And Data Acquisition System Of Tokamak KTM  K. Baystrukov

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